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That Food DudeMy name is Jim.  I’m a 36-year-old foodie with the passion of a Master Chef and the training of a home cook.  I am starting this journey as a log of my accomplishments and a learning tool to any foodie out there who wants to have fun and learn.  My food dabbling started a long time ago and has developed over the years, into a full-blown passion for creative cooking and an outlet to showcase my artistic nature. If you would like to join me in my journey, I will be more than happy to pull you from your “processed food” fog and get you back into the kitchen, rediscovering your culinary roots and having fun at the same time.  There will be some bumps and challenges along the way, some failures, and some sweet successes. 


 Welcome new foodies and enjoy! 


BE BRAVE          BE UNIQUE          HAVE FUN